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“like if you had written a lady but she ignored you, testing her to see if she’d compose back again to your recon profile”. Well then i know clearly she’s delusional……lol Aren’t we all? …. LOL if she’s a “3” and she ignores me and responds to my “10”recon

Oh JB …even if she’s lying does it matter? If she turns you down but delivers recon man 10 more pics does it matter? I’d simply chalk it to your game ??

Nothing matters…. That’s the purpose. It is all right an element of the fun for the game. She does not “send” the recon 10 more pictures. They are added by her to her profile for all those to see & judge. Therefore in essence I’m assisting every person by simply making these ladies improve or perhaps in a few cases make “worse” their pages. Read the rest of this entry »