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You realize just how many times before intercourse is okay?

Posted by: funnytodd   
February 6th,

I’m a recently divorced woman that is 40-something now dating once more, and I’m wondering exactly just what the rules are on what long to attend to possess intercourse. I’m maybe perhaps not enthusiastic about casual intercourse, but i’ve a healthier libido. If I’m actually interested in a person, I’ll be dealing with a few powerful blended (interior) signals regarding just how long to hold back. Actually the thing I want would be to have intercourse with a guy i prefer when fairly feasible without getting labeled by him (consciously or subconsciously) as an expendable floozy.

Tempting it may be significantly less than conducive to a want to hook up once more to inquire about such things as “So…where’d you get to center school? as possible to tear down each other’s garments and rut like wildlife in the very first date,”

Additionally, you do risk getting labeled a hussy for maybe maybe perhaps not maintaining an aspirin clenched betwixt your knees — Rush Limbaugh’s advice for unmarried ladies he isn’t popping Viagra for — while the date you fall the aspirin for extends to place another notch in their oar. As explained in past columns, gents and ladies are biologically and psychologically different, together with sexual dual standard springs away from those distinctions — like how one intercourse gets expecting therefore the other sex gets paternity doubt. Read the rest of this entry »