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Exactly how genuine — or brand brand new — may be the so-called hookup culture of casual intercourse at universities? Ends up, not too genuine, or brand brand new. Credit: iStock

The “hookup culture” on university campuses happens to be talked about a great deal in modern times, with a specific concentrate on feminine pupils. Are ladies being empowered because of the capacity to pursue sex that is casual like guys, or exploited by a false ideal of liberation that ignores their intimate desires?

Amid the hand-wringing while the cheerleading, I have frequently wondered exactly how genuine — or exactly just just how brand brand brand new — this hookup tradition actually was. We now have a remedy, from a report presented week that is last the conference for the United states Sociological Association in ny: it isn’t really brand new, and never almost since pervasive as much news reports recommend.

The research by University of Portland sociologist Martin Monto contrasted survey information from students for 1988-96 and 2002-10. Very nearly identical percentages both in cohorts reported one or more partner that is sexual days gone by 12 months (just beneath 32 %) or higher than two sexual lovers since switching 18 (simply over half).

Present-day intimately active pupils had been notably more prone to have experienced sex with a partner that is casual 44 % reported having done this within the previous 12 months, in comparison to 34 % in the last test. Read the rest of this entry »