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Remain true comedian and star Richard Pryor who had been a man that is married7 times really) did get a get a cross the line into having a homosexual event with certainly one of Hollywood’s legends. In February of 2018, Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Pryor, circulated a declaration to TMZ saying that her husband had an affair that is intimate “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Godfather” actor Marlon Brando into the ’70s. As the publication was told by her: “It was the ‘70s! Medications were still good, particularly quaaludes. In the event that you did sufficient cocaine, you’d bang a radiator and deliver it flowers each morning.”

It wasn’t the very first time Pryor’s relationship with Brando was indeed within the news headlines, as music mogul Quincy Jones had additionally alluded to it in a Vulture meeting. Read the rest of this entry »