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Patrice Bell, 29, of Beaumont, Texas recalls delivering her son Justin six years ago in a Virginia medical center. She recalls being in many discomfort during work and a subsequent cesarean, which she felt she ended up being forced into. She said she screamed aloud each time they would inflate when she was in recovery and air compression leg wraps were placed on her legs to prevent blood clots.

“Every time they might inflate to obtain the blood circulation pumping, it could move my torso, like I was being ripped open, ” Bell said so it felt. “I’m a perthereforen that is little therefore whenever they would inflate, I would personally feel discomfort within my low body. And so they wouldn’t assist me personally. I happened to be screaming, in addition they wouldn’t provide me discomfort meds after all.

“I’m sensitive to hydrocodone, and so they knew that coming in. All they believed to me personally was: ‘You’re allergic. Read the rest of this entry »