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Why Vape Pens Explode and exactly how Rare It Truly Is

Posted by: funnytodd   
April 14th,

Do vape pens explode? Exactly How worried for anyone who is? Well, there is certainly some information available to you that may cause you to worry just a little. As an example, in a 2017 report, built because of the United States Fire management, 195 fires that are non-deadly explosions linked to e-cigarettes had been documented between 2009 and 2016. But, the stark reality is much less frightening. In fact, the likelihood of a vape pen exploding is quite, suprisingly low, and contains next to nothing to do with the vape pen it self, and everything to do with battery pack and/or your vaping practices.

Quick circuit protection

Vapes blowing up is one thing that is commonly connected with older vape models or basic pen devices that aren’t built with a circuit protection that is short. Read the rest of this entry »