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LGBTQIA+ representation in television was increasing in modern times. Relating to GLAAD’s 2016 2017 yearly Report on LGBTQ Representation , our company is seeing an increased percentage of LGBTQIA+ primary or regular figures on broadcast television than in the past. The report additionally mentions there are record amounts of LGBTQIA+ figures of color, LGBTQIA+ characters with disabilities, and transgender characters played by real transgender actors. There clearly was nevertheless a really long distance to get, but things are going into the right way.

That being said, there is certainly one band of individuals who is still shockingly misrepresented regarding the big screen. That group may be the bisexuals.

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Of all of the LGBTQIA+ characters portrayed on television in 2016 2017, around 30% were bi (or perhaps non monosexual); a dramatically reduced portion than compared to bisexual individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community (which can be nearer to 50%). Read the rest of this entry »