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simply stepping directly into state this person is ill, and then hehas got you thinking he is the very best spouse ever after doubting you real closeness for per year? AND blaming it for you? AND kisses your ass into a foggy lovey-dovey state before you just forget about what you’re actually focused on?

Exactly what feasible description could he have for placing you through the psychological assault of suggesting that you are too fat to bang for per year (which can be frankly way plenty of to leave) then again phone a lot of overweight escorts? He could be an item of trash. Their empathy and respect for you personally is approximately since deep being a rainfall puddle.

Run. No fixing. No letting him back to screw with you some more. Run. The fuck. Away. Posted by Blisterlips at 1:47 PM on 13, 2011 9 favorites november

. Even the emotionally sensitive and painful conversations during my healthy relationship feel kind of. Read the rest of this entry »