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Berlin Wall: ‘Germany was reunited from the dancefloor’

Posted by: funnytodd   
August 8th,

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Thirty years following the autumn for the Berlin Wall, a number of the town’s clubbers and DJs recall just how raves that are illegal bring a when divided country straight right back together.

Berlin today is just a temple for party music fans from all corners associated with the world, willing to keep their prejudices during the nightclub home and collectively surrender to your beat.

There clearly was an occasion not sometime ago though whenever scenes of the nature had been a real and ideological impossibility.

While baggy ravers in britain had been coming together for a protracted 2nd Summer of Love, people when you look at the German money stayed split with a 27-mile wall.

After it arrived down on 9 November 1989, in addition to rubble and dirt, there is a unexpected explosion of underground events in vacant structures, train channels and energy flowers.

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Unlike the discos of old, these ecstasy-fuelled evenings took their lead through the brand brand new sounds of Detroit techno and Chicago acid household, while emulating the free-spirited experience of events in Ibiza and also at Manchester’s Hacienda club.


Heiko Hoffmann, who was simply a teen at that time, said the “massive change” to rave culture immediately “changed my entire life”. Read the rest of this entry »