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Modified formats: just how take care of a variety of problems

Posted by: funnytodd   
September 28th,

Modified papers assist make certain that candidates with varying requirements can access the assessment materials needed seriously to accurately evaluate their abilities and knowledge. There is many different platforms available, all of which aims to accommodate a variety of problems.

Just how do I request modified papers?

It is possible to purchase modified documents with the JCQ Access Arrangements Online Tool on Edexcel on the web. For practical abilities and Principal Learning modified papers, please finish the applying for Modified documents form below.

Any evaluation or product that aren’t element of a timetabled occasion, as they are available well ahead of time aren’t supplied in Modified Formats. Centres are permitted to adjust these in-house for their specific prospect’s requirements.

whenever do i have to request them by?

For information on distribution due dates for modified paper demands, see our requirements that are special. We might never be in a position to offer concern documents in a format that is different we get the application after the deadline.

FAQs about purchasing modified documents

Modified papers information is uploaded to your online system before a due date and following the close of the past session. Read the rest of this entry »