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You don’t miss the payment whether it is a short-term debt like a credit card bill or a long-term loan for your house, make sure. Lacking an EMI or delaying a repayment are one of the factors that are key can impact your credit profile and hinder your odds of taking that loan for any other needs later in life.

Never ever miss that loan EMI, no matter if this means missing other assets when it comes to time. In an urgent situation, prioritise your dues. You must be mindful not to miss your charge card re payments since you can not only be slapped by having a non-payment penalty but additionally be charged a hefty interest in the amount that is unpaid.

If you don’t have the cash to pay for the whole bank card bill, spend the minimal 5% and roll within the balance. But don’t make a practice with this because at mortgage loan of 24-36%, credit debt is the costliest loan you certainly will ever just take. Every month, just give standing instructions to your bank to pay the minimum 5% amount whenever the bill is due to avoid missing the due date.


This is certainly additionally one of several basic rules of investing. Never ever make use of borrowed money to get.

Ultra-safe assets like fixed deposits and bonds won’t be able to suit the interest you spend regarding the loan. And investments that provide higher comes back, such as for example equities, are way too volatile. In the try these out event that areas decrease, you shall not merely suffer losings but will likely be strapped with an EMI as well.

There is an occasion whenever property had been a rather economical investment. Housing loans had been readily available for 7-8% and estate that is real had been rising 15-20%. Therefore it made plenty of feeling to get a property with a inexpensive loan. Now the tables have actually turned. Read the rest of this entry »