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Then your crush will see the blue check marks when you’ve read her message if you have your read receipts turned on.

Wouldn’t it is amazing if there was clearly ways to see whenever she reads messages that are YOUR her seeing whenever you read HER messages?

And here’s how you are doing it:

  • Make fully sure your discussion together with her isn’t exposed. When you yourself have WhatsApp operating when you look at the history make sure you’re within the communications tab
  • If you see that you will get a text message, place your phone on airplane mode.
  • Now start the discussion and read her communications.
  • Complete reading? Keep the conversation and get back to the overview while using the chats.
  • As soon as straight right back into the overview, you turn airplane mode down again.

Bang bang! You simply read her communications without her knowing.

By switching in airplane mode whenever you’re inside her chat screen your phone can’t connect to online and for that reason won’t realize that you have see the communications.

After reconnecting towards the internet, WhatsApp does not deliver a browse receipt. So long as the chat has been closed by you at that point.

You don’t wish to use this method on a regular basis, that could cost too much effort. Read the rest of this entry »