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Latin-Jewish Duo Br Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt 8, 2005 july

Posted by: funnytodd   
May 6th,

Shout “1492” in a crowded club, plus some alter kocker may sing down, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue. ” Whilst the similarly honest “Ferdinand decreed killing Jews finished. To accomplish” maintains the rhyme, it does not have the singsong syncopation essential to indoctrinate generations of youngsters. Alas. Inquisitionally, 1492 ended up being a banner year — 200,000 Spanish Jews were burned, forcibly transformed or shipped away. As an noisy alarms going down every few 100 years, among the bigger Diaspora reshufflings observed, tumbling and jumbling Jews all over the world like a lot of scrabble tiles. Some remained in European countries, some headed over the Mediterranean. Numerous others headed over the Atlantic, to Spain’s regions in America’s Southern hemisphere. The resultant intermingling, intermarriage and sexual intercourse produced a distinctive social mixture of Latino and converso that — some express — includes among its descendants such luminaries as Pancho Villa, Carlos Santana and Fidel Castro. Read the rest of this entry »