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In light of yesterday’s controversial piece by Maura Kelly, I’m publishing a tale by Jennifer Abramowitz (as told for me), an amazing plus-size girl whom recently talked freely for me about her experience dating in new york. This piece had been purchased by a women’s that are national, then killed, and I also think the time has come to create it.

I became annoyed and embarrassed, currently considering the way I would definitely move out at the conclusion. We looked for any other channels. A person that is regular-sizen’t consider that.

But I’m a plus-size woman. I’m additionally a publicist, an extrovert, a bargain-shopper extraordinaire and an unbelievably close friend. But what’s most visible before i even open my mouth, is my size about me, what defines me. I’ve dieted my expereince of living and can’t remember an occasion whenever I wasn’t worried about my fat. Read the rest of this entry »