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PhD prospect within the educational school of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Professor, Class of Psychology, University of Queensland

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Sexual interest can alter from minute to moment. About a minute feeling that is you’re, plus the after that you simply feel just like a cup tea and a nap.

Despite the fact that libido is exciting and pretty important with regards to exactly how we wound up right right here, research on whenever and exactly why we experience intimate desire is restricted.

Our research seeks to shed some light regarding the nature of sexual interest; just how it varies between individuals and in the person that is same.

Do guys have more powerful sexual interest?

Are guys hot-blooded, sex-driven animals that consider intercourse every seven moments? not exactly. Men do think of intercourse a lot more than females (34 times in comparison to 19 times each day – so about every 1,700 moments), but guys also think of food and rest more than females. Therefore, guys are needs-driven creatures, maybe maybe not sex-driven by itself.

It must additionally be noted ladies are not even close to sexless animals, around 20 split thoughts that are sexual time is more than one per waking hour. Read the rest of this entry »