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The Issue

Every year by trapping customers in a desperate cycle of debt from payday storefronts to car title lenders to online & installment lenders, predatory lenders take billions in fees. Just last year, NPA and our affiliates arranged and got the major banking institutions from the company of ripping down their particular clients through bank checking account loans that are payday. Now we have been dedicated to clearing up the sleep associated with industry to quit the worst regarding the abuses via a future rule-making from the customer Financial Protection Bureau.

The authority to uniformly regulate small-dollar consumer loans: the payday, installment and related loan industries that strip billions in wealth from our communities and trap our families and neighbors in endless debt for the first time in history, Congress has given a federal agency. Developed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Accountability Act, the customer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was handed the authority to modify non-bank finance institutions, like the dollar loan industry that is small. Read the rest of this entry »