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A female who slept with her closest friend’s guy within a vulnerable time wonders what do next.

Passionate residing Coach Abiola Abrams offers love, dating and advice that is self-esteem the CW’s Bill Cunningham Show and all sorts of throughout the internet through her hit internet show AbiolaTV. Now she desires to allow you to keep things spicy and fresh in the sack. Will you be looking for an closeness intervention? Simply ask Abiola!

Dear Abiola,

I acquired drunk final weekend and slept with my friend’s boyfriend that is best. We had been all drunk at her home TV that is watching. She passed down and her guy carried her within the room and place her to sleep. He then sat and came in the sofa beside me.

I became experiencing type of susceptible. We haven’t actually dated in some time and had a breakup that is bad 12 months ago. We put my at once their neck and hugged him however it had been just in a brother-sister method. We’ve been cool considering that the entire 5 months they’ve been together.

I’m not certain if he began it or I started it but we began kissing. Then he took my hand therefore we tiptoed right down to the washing space like little young ones and fundamentally went because of it. Garments down, various roles, your whole nine yards. With regards to ended up being over, we offered him my quantity and simply broke away. He called me personally and we produced pact that this might be our small secret. The day that is next stumbled on the house and now we achieved it once again.

She understands we always crash at her household whenever we’re hanging late and so the following day she ended up being love, why do you keep?

I simply constructed some reason. Now her guy keeps texting me personally asking when we’re going to connect once more. Read the rest of this entry »