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**Last updated on: 15 2020** october

I’ve previously written a post on how to find your girl-friend or boy-friend in Southern Korea. In this post, let’s speak about some tips that are interesting dating in Southern Korea.

Few parties

In Southern Korea, here generally seems to be a lot of excuses for parties by dating partners As an example, Korean partners celebrate dating anniversary every 100 times of their relationship. You could see in certain TV that is korean that couples count right down to the 100th day anniversary and plan how exactly to commemorate it and exactly what gift ideas must certanly be purchased. The partners have anniversary parties once more on the 200th time, 300th time, and so forth of these relationships. Such anniversaries that are 100-day so essential towards the partners that when one party forgets such anniversaries, one other celebration might use it due to the fact basis for breaking up. Therefore, in Southern Korea, many people utilize smartphone application to keep monitoring of these 100-day wedding anniversaries. Read the rest of this entry »