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Gemini and Leo Polarity

In astrology, every indication aligns having a polarity. Some signs align with Yin or feminine energies. Other people align with Yang or masculine energies. Both signs align with Yang forces with the Gemini and Leo combination. Yin is passive, sympathetic and receptive or empathetic. Yang is just a projective, principal, and action-oriented force. Yang is aggressive. Yin and Yang stability each other out. Yang influencing Gemini and Leo indications means they share comparable characteristics. These are generally both forward, in-motion, and personalities that are dominant.

In the event that couple centers around talents and support one another, everything is great. Nonetheless it’s generally not very burdensome for those two characters to bang minds. What can cause the lion’s mane to ruffle? Leo desires to end up being the lead in the relationship. But, the “twins” aren’t having it! All things considered, “two heads” are a lot better than one by having a glorious mane, right? Yang energies escape stability. They polarize and Gemini that is hinder and compatibility. It benefits in domineering, bullish, and aggressive habits. What direction to go? If love is always to endure, Leo and Gemini will need to make contact with their feminine edges! That’s right, Leo and Gemini must be more passive, patient, and receptive for their partner.

Gemini and Leo Aspects

Gemini and Leo indications have a distinct place in the celestial wheel. Read the rest of this entry »