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The scope of this chapter, “payday lending” as used in this chapter encompasses all transactions in which funds are advanced to be repaid at a later date, notwithstanding the fact that the transaction contains one or more other elements and a “payday lender” shall be one who engages in such transactions without limiting in any manner. This concept of “payday financing” expressly includes the exceptions and examples found in subsections

The General Assembly has determined that payday lending continues in the State of Georgia and that there are not sufficient deterrents in the State of Georgia to cause this illegal activity to cease despite the fact that the Attorney General of the State of Georgia has opined in Official Opinion 2002-3 entered on June 27, 2002, that payday lending is in violation of Georgia law and despite the fact that the Industrial Loan online payday loans North Carolina Commissioner has issued cease and desist orders against various payday lenders in the State of Georgia.

The typical Assembly has determined that various payday loan providers have actually developed specific schemes and practices to be able to make an effort to disguise these deals or even cause these deals appearing to be “loans” made by a nationwide or state bank chartered an additional state for which this particular financing is unregulated, despite the fact that a lot of the profits in this financing technique are compensated to your payday lender. The typical Assembly has further determined that payday financing, regardless of the illegality of these task, is growing in their state of Georgia and is having an effect that is adverse armed forces workers, older people, the economically disadvantaged, as well as other residents for the State of Georgia. Read the rest of this entry »