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So what Does It suggest to Have “Safe Sex” within the PrEP Era?

Posted by: funnytodd   
March 10th,

There’s no questioning that PrEP is a massive revolutionary jump in safe intercourse techniques amongst homosexual guys therefore the fight against HIV/AIDS. Just What started as a “gay plague” first reported in 1981, followed closely by many years of protesting government inaction, eventually generated systematic breakthroughs and HIV not any longer being a automated death phrase. We now have yet to locate a remedy, nevertheless the 99% effective security price of PrEP is apparently a action into the right way. The question remains nonetheless, after several years of safe intercourse advocacy within the homosexual community and also for the most component accepting a typical idea of just just just what having “safe intercourse” means, just just just how are our tips of safe intercourse changing with all the innovation of PrEP? How much do we have to count on old safe intercourse techniques after making the choice to continue PrEP?

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, better referred to as PrEP, is just a reasonably brand new technique for HIV avoidance where the HIV-negative person has a tablet every day (though there have already been concerns on precisely how necessary it really is to go on it every single day) so that you can reduce their chance of contracting HIV. Presently, the drug that is only for PrEP usage is Truvada, that has been authorized for such use within 2012. It was demonstrated to lower the danger for homosexual and bisexual men, transgender ladies, heterosexual people, and intravenous medication users.

Now when you look at the PrEP age, we see reconsideration of just just what safe intercourse involves.

Even though the collective memory amongst younger homosexual and bisexual guys associated with the AIDS crisis for the 80’s and early 90’s perhaps appears foggy or hardly here, there isn’t any question that the stigmatizing feeling of fear of disease lingers on. Read the rest of this entry »