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The East Side’s Friedrich commercial complex has been abandoned for decades.

Heading down East Commerce Street, it is impractical to miss out the Friedrich that is dilapidated complex.

A hodgepodge of grey and sand-colored structures dotted with broken windows and graffiti stretch across a lot more than five acres, just like a resting, shabby giant.

It’s been years since workers wandered the factory floors, however a “Friedrich Refrigerators” indication nevertheless sits atop among the structures. Rusty Friedrich air conditioners stand out for the structures’ edges.

“It’s been an eyesore for quite a while,” said Aubry Lewis, president for the Denver Heights Neighborhood Association.

Past intends to redevelop for the Friedrich complex — a move viewed as the answer to kick-starting development along that part of Commerce Street — have amounted to almost nothing. Designers were stymied by funding challenges.

“It’s this kind of part that is importantassociated with area). While you go fully into the East Side, you notice this dilapidated (website) that clearly is with in disrepair,” said Tuesdaé Knight, president and CEO associated with nonprofit San Antonio for development on the East Side. “It’s just sitting here. Folks are simply waiting.”

Yet the website seems finally poised for a breakthrough. Read the rest of this entry »