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Posted by: funnytodd   
December 5th,

Hi,, just check this out and was wondering how its goin now for your needs? A Kurdish was met by me guy come july 1st (i wasnt searching either. You know exactly how it goes) and we’ve held it’s place in contact since i came house. Truthfully before we used to believe women who dropped for holiday romances had been daft but here i was crying my eyes down for most of my journey home: / He wishes us to satisfy him in Diyarbak?r soon as well as its crazy but im really seriously great deal of thought! But i’ve heard a lot of awful stories about them being out for just what they could get and im an over thinker during the most useful of times. A bad combination!: / but same if i dont take a risk and go to see him i will spend my life thinking “what if” as you when i came home. It felt like the worst pain, i was miserable. So i feel now

Personally We think I possibly could have written this precise comment myself, I am in completely the position that is same. I really hope things resolved I have a boyfriend and he is a turkish. I’m from philippines and we’re only 16 years old. We’ve been 2 months now for you. He’s kind, sweet. But day have passed away and I’m feeling which he don’t care me anymore.: /

So we don’t talk in skype that much, I know it is to early for people, but I’m hoping that our relationship will work. Can somebody give me an advice. Thank you ??

Angel, you might be 16 years old enjoy life, he may never be the only. He’s a 16 year boy that is old men at most times see it is difficult to commit. Provide it time, but simply have some fun enjoy life, don’t get hung up on a person, be independent.

12th November 2014

Hi i simply wished to share my connection with seeing a turkish man, we met him in a year ago on holiday, we sought out with a team of mutual buddies for the afternoon and me and him ended up spending a single day together. Read the rest of this entry »