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Weddings in Moscow.

1. Purchasing the bride

The bridegroom with buddies is having to pay the bride cost. / Vladimir Vyatkin/RIA Novosti

The bride’s friends kidnap either her or her shoe and the groom and his friends must pay a real or symbolic price for the stolen maiden during the wedding.

Wedding master of ceremonies Sergei Sokolov recalls an occasion that is specific “When, the visitors made a decision to take the bride but failed to state exactly exactly exactly how she might be purchased right right straight back. We stated: ‘Ok, therefore now the bride is stolen, but exactly exactly how are we likely to back buy her?’ The visitors said: ‘Have the groom beverage eight shots of vodka.’ But if he were to take in eight shots of vodka, he’d be as effective as gone too… in the long run, we simply arranged a party battle.”

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