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Ridesharing solutions have actually revolutionized how exactly we drive, making it simpler for people to obtain from Point the to aim B, and supplying drivers with ways to earn just a little income that is extra. But once in a while, things be fallible.

“Do you need to touch it?” 27-year-old Christopher Wayne Jensen allegedly asked the horrified male driver, whom quickly stopped and insisted he leave automobile.

Jensen turned himself in to police after learning there was clearly a warrant out for their arrest. He told the Iowa City Press-Citizen this week which he has simply no recollection associated with incident.

“I drank greatly and remember almost no from that night,” he said, “but i am aware what type of individual i will be, and wouldn’t do something similar to this.”

Jensen thinks his Uber motorist is lying, he was too trashed to actually remember though he admits. Read the rest of this entry »