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Many black colored residents we spoke to wanted “justice for Mike Brown” and supported the goals for the protesters, whether or not they even focused on the effect of this negative attention on their home values. White residents tended to state sympathy for Brown’s family members but thought protesters should allow the process that is legal its program.

Jamelle Bouie, an employee author at Slate, composed the other day that, “White Florissant — or at the very least a vocal piece of it — believes the problem is image. Ebony Florissant, in comparison, believes the presssing problem is justice.” Which may be an exaggeration, but just a small one: The audience picking right up it was predominantly so“ I love Ferguson” lawn signs at the coffee shop was by no means entirely white, but. One white resident urged a black colored couple to wait a residential district meeting that night, but included, “They’re not planning to hear any war tales, precisely what can we do in order to enhance.”

Atefa younger, a Ferguson home owner for three decades, had been among the residents that are black up an indicator — she grabbed two, in reality, one on her behalf neighbor. Read the rest of this entry »