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A re payment postponed until the next date. See also Deferred Payment Loan and Deferred Interest Arrange.

A financial obligation which was maybe perhaps not compensated when due.

A deposit of funds which can be withdrawn with no advance notice.

An itemized memorandum regarding the cash along with other funds that an individual gift suggestions to your bank for credit to his / her account.

Data received by way of a creditor showing that a credit applicant has not yet compensated his or her reports along with other creditors based on the needed terms. See additionally Credit File.

A re re payment this is certainly electronically deposited into a person’s account at a depository organization. See additionally Direct Deposit.

A dispute presented straight to the furnisher in regards to the precision of data in your customer report that pertains to a merchant account or other relationship you’ve got utilizing the furnisher. See additionally Credit Disputes. Read the rest of this entry »