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Another legitimate reason for using a commercial VPN not mentioned in the original piece is to get access to unfiltered internet. This is useful for people using nosy ISPs that throttle or block some forms of traffic, and for anyone behind government filters like the Great Firewall of China. Because so many people use commercial VPNs in a country like China, it doesn’t make the user particularly interesting (especially if they’re an ex-pat).

So take the necessary steps to make sure all cookies auto destruct, turn off scripting, caching, saving of any kind on your browser and make sure that the browser is the ONLY application accessing the internet. Anyone who thinks this is easy because mega-entities and governments have the resources, is vastly kidding themselves.

But think about the real legal reason for VPN’s to NOT LOG. If government agencies show up at their door it is by far in the VPN’s BEST interest to not have anything to show. They aren’t NOT cooperating, they just don’t have any data. If they have the logs they either A) have to turn them over and risk losing their business since nobody will want to use them again or B) not turn them over and have to deal with the law enforcement.

It takes governments months and months and months, years at times, just to track users of a single website. This is why drugs, child pornography, whistle blowing, and everything else illegal thrives on the hidden web and why you don’t hear of new arrests every few months, but rather every few years. Lets use people buying and selling drugs over hidden services through tor.

This makes it impossible for your ISP to snoop on what you are doing. A VPN runs OS level – meaning every single thing you do over the internet will be routed through the VPN, not a per what is vpn app setup as is the case with a proxy. The last thing that I want to say is there is this assumption on here that VPN’s are gonna turn you over in a heartbeat to agencies.