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“Pursue connection!” — Lee Horton, Ph.D

35. Each week, when possible, venture out on a romantic date simply before you were married like you did.

“choose a task where in fact the both of you can connect, talk, and simply be together enjoying one another’s company (perhaps not a film!). End your date within the room. Works magically!” — Ann Robbins, CRC

36. Partners frequently lose one another due to their busy life: work, kids, computer systems, and activities that are separate.

” the total amount of each can be various for every few, however the mix is essential to help keep a practical marriage.” — Michele Seligman LCSW, BCD

37. Our minds will be the only organ in our body which do not self regulate, but must be regarding the another mind for recovery.

“Sit face-to-face and gaze into your companion’s eyes so that you can let the system that is limbic flake out. This may bring you closer and produce the sort that is deepest of closeness.” — Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT

38. You do anything else, hold each other without speaking for at least 60 seconds when you first see each other at the end of your respective days, before. Read the rest of this entry »